Texting Commands

Using the AwayToWork service, your company data can be retrieved using text messages from a cell phone. A special set of commands are used to send your request to the AwayToWork servers. You will receive an immediate reply containing the information you requested.

Users can be authorized for access to your data by using the User Manager. Installers can be authorized by checking the Remote Access 'Enable' checkbox on the Mechanics Edit form.

There are three ways to try this service. The simulator at the right will use a demo database and return information as if you had sent it from a cell phone. You can also use your own cell phone to request information by first texting to 41411 the words SHOWME DEMO to authorize your phone for a demo. The third option, is to enable the AwayToWork service on your server. This will require a credit card to reserve your free first month. If you cancel before the end of the month of service, nothing will be charged to your credit card. See the About Service page for more information on this third option.

Text messages are limited to 160 characters and cellular companies charge for delivery of each message. In order to keep costs low, AwayToWork provides a free unlimited use service by adding small ads to the end of each text message. This leaves 120 characters for each answer to your requests. This is more than enough for most of the information you are looking for when away from the office.

All commands are sent to the text message short code of 41411 followed by the word SHOWME and at least one command word that describes what you are looking for. For example, you can get a list of commands by texting to 41411 SHOWME help.

Try the simulator on the right. The text message 'short code' 41411 is already entered for you. Type SHOWME (can be upper or lower case) followed by at least one command word describing what you want to do.

Below is a list of commands:

Try the Simulator!

Enter a command to see the response.

== Help ==

A list of available commands can be retrieved using this command.

== Job/Address ==

Retrieves information about an active job. This job must be on the schedule board (today or in the future) for it to be found.

Parameters: This command requires a job number.
Example: SHOWME job 123
Reply: Address and phone number of job.

== On Job/Off Job ==

Used like a time clock, this command allows installers to indicate that they are on the job site when they arrive or off the job when they leave. Additional notes can be added if needed. This information is available using the TimeCard report in the scheduler.

Parameters: This command requires a job number. Any additional words are assumed to be notes.
Example: SHOWME on job 123 jim is helping me today.
Reply: Confirmation that a valid job number was entered.

== Dates ==

There are a collection of date commands to get schedule information. A literal date can be used to specify an exact date, or shorthand words like today, tomorrow, or three letter day of week words can be used (mon, tue, wed, etc).

Parameters: (optional) number of days
Examples: SHOWME tomorrow
SHOWME tomorrow 2
Reply: A list of schedules for the specified day

== Product ==

You can retrieve cost, price and quantity information by specifying key words that match your product lists description fields. Specified values are used to search for partial matches as well as exact matches. For example, typing 'wood' will match 'driftwood', 'sherwood forest' and 'wood'. You can also type prod or products for the same command. If you want to omit a parameter, use a * (asterisk) to indicate any value.

Parameters: Quality Color Custom
Examples: SHOWME product pebble wood
Returns: Pebblebrook Driftwood Cost: 0.48 Retail: 1.09 Qty: 2532

You can also look for all the Quality names or all the Colors for a specific Quality by using the following commands:

Paramters: *
Examples: SHOWME product *
Returns: Pebblebrook, Lansing, Legacy, Windsong, Pad...etc.


Paramters: pad *
Examples: SHOWME product pad *
Returns: 3/8, 7/16

== Report ==

You can request a report be generated and sent from your office to a specified email address. Since reports are usually too large be sent back as a text message, they must be emailed instead. This gives you the ability to send it to your email address or someone elses. Imagine being at a ball game and being able to send a 20 page report to a customer with a simple text message.

Parameters: EmailAddress ReportName [Report Variables]
Examples: SHOWME report testing@winsched.com invoice 12
Returns: Report sent to testing@winsched.com

== Request (Schedule) ==

You can request a schedule for a job.

Parameters: [start date] [hours] [job #] [Description]
Examples: SHOWME request 8/15 12 0056 Please schedule john for this job.
Returns: Request sent. Starting on 8/15, 12 hours, Job #0056. Notes: Please schedule john for this job.

== Support ==

Request a new feature or ask a question.

Parameters: [detailed text (160 chrs total maximum)]
Examples: SHOWME support Awesome product! keep up the good work.
Returns: Your support comment has been received. Thank You!